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in Ana Kabzinadze, Tbilisi
DDB, Training center

I would like to express my deep gratitude toward the organizers and speakers of MBA25 for providing me all necessary and detailed information. After this I've got direct vision how to prepare for Master studies and how to plan my future steps. Thank you for the opportunities to meet the representatives of universities at MBA25 event!

in Hasmik Madatyan, Yerevan
Marketing Manager
Karcomauto LLC

The speakers at MBA25 were very professional!

in Shirinyan Manuk, Moscow

At MBA25 I got all the necessary information in a short time!

in Nino Akhalaia, Tbilisi
International Affairs Professional

I think that MBA25 is a very interesting and valuable project since it provides a perfect chance for achieving one's career goals. Given the format of the fair, participants are able to get the needed information from very competent people and in a very interesting way. This makes MBA25 unique experience for the youth. 

in Mukhtar Mukhtarov, Baku
Project Manager's Assistant
JV Gauff Ingenieure / Temelsu Int

I hereby would like to express my deep gratitude to the educational group of MBA25 for sharing valuable information about the possible worthwhile MBA education abroad, which I hope everyone would get their according information on the subject matter from.

in Alexander Voronov, Moscow
Project Manager
GlowByte Consulting

The MBA25 event was very well organized and I enjoyed it as a whole. The most interesting for me was the opportunity to listen and communicate with Russian-speaking graduates from various business schools. Their honest stories about the pros and cons of MBA were the most valuable feedback for me. I think I'll visit the next event too and take even a couple of friends with me)

in Sevda Amirova, Baku
Head of Press Department and Political Adviser
Embassy of Israel in Azerbaijan

Everything was well organized.MBA25 fair is very useful event that gives opportunity to students to get closer to the Business Schools which they want to apply and provides excellent information with answering to all questions.  

in Davit Nakhutsrishvili, Tbilisi
Account Manager

I am very happy to have a chance to take part in such a good organised event.It is very helpful for me and it helps me to make right decision,which will determine my success. I hope on next event will be more business schools

in Elguja Chalatashvili, Tbilisi
Financial Analyst
Alta Software

I dont have much to add, the event met my expectations

in Bauyrzhan Khapezov, Astana
HSE Advisor
ILF Consulting Engineers

Everything was super and at the highest level I have ever experienced!

Suk-Rae Cho,
«Samsung Electronics»

One to one meetings were very interesting because I could ask all questions that no answer in brochures and evaluate each school for future studying. My first idea was to study in US, so I`d like to know how it would be to live and study in USA. But after this event, I understood that there are a good opportunities for me to study in Europe. I keep my mind open for that. Thank you.

Leyla Shukurova,

Thank you for organizing this event, it was a really great help because of consulting regarding my personal profile from representatives of Business Schools and test-preparation Partners. Which is not direct opportunity here, in Germany.

Oliver Tempel,
Investment Management Consultant

The 121 meetings were quite interesting. I`ve learnt a lot about process of applying for School, different programs and formats, how to distinguish each other. I am here to know how I can proceed on my next professional step.

Jorge Reyes,
«Tungsten Investment Funds»

Schedule was convenient. I have more time to speak to each school, which gives all efficient information according programs and admission process. Most of the schools provided practical information about living in certain city, having my own personal life there. So in my opinion it was a really good MBA event.


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